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Fire the fields, the weed is sown

Water down your empty soul

Commander Amarantha Shepard
11 April
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“We’re going to find who did this and take them down. Nothing gets in our way. Understood?”
Age: 32
Birthdate: 11 April 2154
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Present Occupation: Cerberus Commando
Past Occupation: Saviour of the galaxy Systems Alliance Staff Commander and SPECTRE
Location: All over the Milky Way
Relationship Status: Taken
Strengths: Military training as a close-combat specialist. Biotic abilities. Very advanced technology on hand. Resourceful, ruthless, efficient. Does whatever needs to be done to get the job finished.
Weaknesses: Stress limits of her technology, for instance, the shields her armour generates will power down if struck enough times. Shields cannot stop melee attacks. Mortal. Hates feeling helpless.
Appearance: Shepard is 5′9″, 110 lbs, with pale skin, violet eyes, and long, black hair which she keeps pinned up in a complex bun at the back of her head. Her hair is quite glossy (she takes good care of it), the highlights very nearly a shade of blue. Invariably, a few shorter strands near her forehead come loose and hang over her face. When worn loose, her hair is stick-straight and reaches down to the small of her back. Her civilian clothing in the Rift was rather loose to allow for movement with her armour underneath it. A lot of it was black, but she also wore some white or red from time to time. She avoids jewelry, partially because she’s sort-of a tomboy and partially because it gets in the way. She does, however, wear gothic-esque black lipstick and eyeshadow/eyeliner.

Her eyes are round in shape, and she has sharp, well-defined cheekbones, and appears a little gaunt at first glance. She has a rather tall forehead for a woman, a narrow chin, jaw and neck, and smallish ears which are mostly flat against her skull. She keeps her eyebrows waxed thin and with a sharp arch. Black is her natural hair colour, so her eyebrows are the same shade as her hair. Her lips are rounded, and while not terribly full, are also not terribly thin. Her mouth is of middling width and has a shallow cupid’s-bow shape.
Personality: Shepard has a strong force of will and is very stubborn. She’s also charismatic and a natural leader, but in a somewhat sinister way; she doesn’t entirely care about the lives of those under her command. She’s perfectly willing to sacrifice them if she has to. Usually, she is callous in attitude, and can be downright rude if she’s in the proper frame of mind. She has a snide, sarcastic, and dark sense of humour, though like Harry, she also has a penchant for making “old” pop culture references, usually to Stargate SG-1.

Shepard’s never really been one to form attachments; military life had her getting buffeted around to various postings, with new squads, new comrades. It’s rather difficult to form meaningful relationships under those circumstances, so Shepard never bothered trying to… That is, until she became a SPECTRE. Even then, it happened sort of accidentally. Taking down Saren was a trial by fire. She and her shipmates all went through the stress of it, particularly her squad. Thus, she formed a tight bond with her squad-mates, though she never tore herself up over the deaths of Ashley Williams or Urdnot Wrex, which she saw as entirely necessary to the mission. When she was in the Rift, however, she did find herself missing her crew. (Especially Garrus and Liara, but that’s neither here nor there.) And despite any efforts to the contrary, she formed a very deep bond with Harry. Because of this bond, when passing back through the Rift to her home reality, Harry was swept up in her wake.

As a Marine and Vanguard, Shepard heavily favours close combat. She’s not terribly skilled at ranged combat as a result; she prefers to get up close to her enemies and greet them with a shotgun blast to the face. At times when this is impossible, she is capable of shooting an enemy from a distance, but she usually resorts to using her Biotics to take them down instead. A favoured ranged tactic of hers is to use her Shockwave ability to slam enemies into the nearest wall, or to throw them off the nearest ledge. She also likes to Pull and then shoot an opponent once they drift closer to her. When working with a Biotic who uses the Throw ability, she’ll Pull the enemy and then let the other Biotic hit them with Throw, which is proven to be a very effective strategy.
Harry Dresden is Shepard's boyfriend.
Joker seems to view Shepard as a surrogate sister, of sorts.
Garrus Vakarian looks up to Shepard as a role-model and close friend (which doesn't really bode well, given Shepard's evil leanings…)
Tali'Zorah also looks up to Shepard as a role-model and friend.
✮ Comes from roughly 175 years in the future.
✮ Slightly Xenophobic (she mistrusts aliens to a certain degree, though she’ll keep them around if she has uses for them. Or orders to do so.)
✮ Tends to take her frustration out in the form of violence.
Played-By: Leigh Lezark
Canon: Mass Effect
Copyright Goes To…: BioWare Corp, Electronic Arts © 2007–11
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Profile Header Quote From…: Mass Effect 2, Renegade!Shepard’s instructions to Miranda and Jacob for their mission on Freedom’s Progress.
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✮ Shepard is born and orphaned in New York City in 2154.
✮ During her teenaged years, she joins a gang known as the 10th Street Reds.
✮ At the age of 18, she enlists in the military to get away from the dismal life ahead of her if she stays in NYC.
✮ Shepard is selected for N7 training, making her an elite black ops specialist. She receives Biotic training in the process.
✮ During the battle of Torfan, Shepard sends an entire batallion of soldiers to die in order to take out a ring of Batarian slavers. She tortures some of the Batarians in the process and later becomes known as the Butcher of Torfan.
✮ Serving under Captain Anderson on the Normandy, Shepard is sent to retrieve a Prothean Beacon for the Citadel Council and the Systems Alliance, and arrives on Eden Prime in the middle of an attack by rogue Spectre agent Saren Arterius.
✮ After losing one of her subordinates in a fight, Shepard takes Gunnery Chief Ashley Williams onto her team.
✮ Shepard receives a vision of the Protheans’ demise from the Eden Prime Beacon shortly before it’s destroyed.
✮ Shepard is assigned to find evidence of Saren’s corruption in order to get his Spectre status revoked. In the process she recruits a Turian C-Sec agent named Garrus Vakarian, a Krogan merc named Urdnot Wrex, and a Quarian named Tali’zorah narr Rayah.
✮ After Saren’s Spectre status is revoked, Shepard herself is inducted into the Spectres and sent to hunt down Saren.
✮ After receiving a lead from Captain Anderson and gaining command of the Normandy, Shepard finds and recruits Liara T’Soni, the daughter of one of Saren’s most powerful allies.
✮ On the ice world of Noveria, Shepard discovers another piece of the puzzle Saren is weaving around her. In the process she kills off the Rachni race for good and blows up a research lab.
✮ After the mission on Noveria, Shepard engages in a semi-romantic relationship with Liara. (She wanted to have Kaidan as well, but apparently he didn’t like the idea of threesomes.)
✮ Shepard’s mission to the human colony of Feros results in the destruction of an ancient, unique creature native to the planet, the Thorian. She also gains the Cipher, the means to understand the vision she received from the Eden Prime beacon, and manages to essentially destroy the colony in the process. (This pattern will continue.)
✮ Shepard stops an incursion of Geth in the Armstrong Nebula.
✮ While on a mission on Virmire, Shepard kills Wrex when he shows signs of wanting to turn on them. Later in the mission she also chooses to save Lt. Alenko’s life over Gcf. Williams’s, and faces Saren in personal combat for the first time.
✮ Shepard discovers that Saren’s flagship, Sovereign, is, in fact, a Reaper, one of the sentient machines that killed the Protheans. She receives another vision from the beacon Saren has stored on his base before nuking the entire complex.
✮ Upon returning to the Citadel, the council disables the Normandy’s systems, preventing Shepard from going to Ilos, where she knows Saren is headed. Sinking deep into a helpless feeling she later grows to despise, she effectively steals her own ship and flies there anyway.
✮ Liara and Shepard’s relationship becomes distinctly… sexual during the trip to Ilos.
✮ On Ilos, Shepard discovers the true meaning of Christmas what really happened to the Protheans.
✮ Shepard follows the Conduit back to the Citadel, where she faces Saren once and for all. And convinces him to kill himself. But then Sovereign takes control of his body.
Joker, the Normandy’s pilot, takes out the real Sovereign just as Shepard defeats Sovereign!Saren. She leaves the Citadel Council to die in the process, and the Systems Alliance forms into the System Empire to fill the power vacuum.
✮ Shepard receives an Alliance promotion to Staff Commander (having previously been a Lieutenant Commander) in honour of her service in the mission against Saren.
- A month or so after the Battle of the Citadel, Shepard gets drawn into the Rift, where she spends a year of her life in 2008-9.
✮ While in the Rift, Shepard meets and starts dating Harry Dresden.
✮ When their players leave the Rift, Shepard and Harry return to their home universe—which, incidentally, was the same; they just came from different times. Harry is integrated into the crew of the SSV Normandy SR-1. Shepard is reunited with Liara. (A threesome ensues XD.)
✮ Two months after returning, the Normandy is ambushed by the Collectors and destroyed. Shepard dies in the explosion. Almost every other crewmen, except for Navigator Pressly and twenty other servicemen, make it out alive, including Harry and Joker.
✮ Liara stops the Collectors from absconding with Shepard’s body and hands the body over to Cerberus so they can rebuild her (in a project known as the Lazarus Project).
✮ At a memorial ceremony for Shepard and the Normandy, Miranda Lawson convinces Harry and Joker to work for Cerberus.
✮ About a year after work is begun on the Lazarus Project, Shepard regains consciousness for the first time, in extreme pain. She has intermittant dreams during the intervening time.
✮ Shepard awakes again as the Lazarus Research Station is attacked by hacked security mechs.
✮ Directed by Miranda Lawson, Shepard makes a break for the escape shuttles, and on the way runs into Jacob Taylor, Dr. Wilson, and Harry.
✮ Upon finding their way to the escape shuttle, the group is greeted by Miranda, who shoots Wilson, then revealing him to be the person who tried to kill Shepard.
✮ Miranda, Shepard, Jacob, and Harry all depart Lazarus station, heading for a rendezvous with the Illusive Man. On the way, Miranda and Jacob quiz Shepard to find out if her memory is still intact. Shepard finds this understandably annoying.
✮ Shepard finally meets the Illusive Man, head of Cerberus, who briefs her on what's going on and asks her to investigate the colony of Freedom's Progress, which has recently been attacked.
✮ Shepard... investigates Freedom's Progress. There, she discovers that a race called the Collectors are behind the attack on the colonists, as well as others like it all around the Terminus. Most of the information comes from a traumatized, teenaged Quarian named Veetor. Tali is on Freedom's Progress looking for Veetor, and she and Shepard get to work together again during the misssion, though Tali cannot currently join Shepard permanently.
✮ Returning from Freedom's Progress, Shepard is given a series of dossiers for squad members she should recruit to help stop the Collectors.
✮ Afterwards, she is reunited with Joker and given a brand new, upgraded version of the Normandy.
✮ Shepard heads for the Citadel, with the aim of recruiting master thief Kasumi Goto and stopping in to see Councillor Anderson.